Historical Collection

The Newnham Historical Collection

The Newnham Historical Collection is an on-going collaborative work on the history of Newnham which is being assembled over time by members of Newnham History Group. It is a loose-leaf publication covering a range of aspects of Newnham’s history. There are two volumes, illustrated with many historical photographs and drawings as well as modern interpretive maps.

Volume 1 comprises two Parts:

Part 1: 1. Introduction; 2. brief historical survey; 3. The River Port; 4. Victorian Newnham; 5. The visit of a former resident.

Part 2: 6. The Civil War in Newnham; 7. Coaches and thoroughfares; 8. The glassworks; 9. The day the church burned down; 10.The Haie; 11. A visitor remembers – 1897.

Volume 2 comprises Part 3 but a final Part 4 is being developed.

Part 3: 12. The pubs; 13. The schools; 14. The Tithe Map; 15. The shops; 16. The houses; 17. The Sanctuary; 18. Newnham Pill revisited.

Volume 1 costs £20 and Volume 2 (which has recently been reprinted) costs £7. Both are available from Newnham Post Office and Newnham History Group.

For further information please contact: Barbara Griffith 01594 516327 or barbara@griffith27.plus.com

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