For Sale

In the interests of saving the planet, we are offering you the opportunity to sell your unwanted stuff locally.  You may have seen Freecycle where items are given away – this is the same idea – but for those things you would rather not just give away.

So the idea is that anybody who lives within the Parishes of Awre, Blakeney or Newnham can advertise here.  Should you sell an item then a contribution towards running the web page – will be appreciated.  It is suggested a minimum of a £1 or 10% of the sale value.  Payments can be made at the Post Office.  Preference should be given to buyers who live locally.  We will rely on you telling us the thing has sold.

This page will be run in conjunction with a WANTED page and a for HIRE page

Please email your advert with the following information to

Description of item – Date of insert – Optional picture – How Much – Contact details

It may be possible to include a photo or external link to another site, but what you are selling is not to be a commercial service or part of a business.  If you would like to advertise your goods and services as a business, please apply to be included in our local business page.

The owners of this web site will retain the right to edit or remove inappropriate items.






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