Newnham Lights

The Newnham Lighting Group help make the High Street dazzle – especially around Christmas.

A big thank you to those of you who have already responded so generously to our appeal for funding to provide Christmas lighting in the form of up-lighters around the Clock Tower and in the Chains.  There is now a display next to the war memorial which shows where the ligts are and who donated towards them.


In my letter I talked about the second and third phases of lighting in the Green and the Beeches hopefully in 2011 and 2012.    This is what our team would like to achieve but it is important that I stress that what we are currently collecting for and have permission at present from the Parish Council to do is only for Phase 1 the Clock Tower and the Chains.


Please take time to read the pack you have been sent and look out for information on further events we are planning.   Our aim is to maintain the tradition of Christmas lighting in Newnham which was so widely appreciated in the Parish Plan questionnaire in a cost-effective manner.
Sue Davenport.