Newnham WI


The WI is the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK with approx 205,000 members and 6,500 WIs.

It exists to educate women to enable them to provide an effective role in the community, to expand their horizons and to develop and pass on important skills.

Newnham WI is 101 years old on 5th June 2019.

We have 34 members and meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in

The Armoury Village Hall at 7.30 pm

SECRETARY:  PAT DAVEY Telephone 516566



8th January.    “Special Houses of the FOD” with Averil Kear

12th February  “A Peep through the Porthole” with Linda Woodward

12th March     “Ifakara Bakery Project & FBF” with E and M Schellenberg

10th April.  A Beading Workshop with Wendy, Jill and Diana

14th May      RESOLUTIONS

11th June  SS great Britain Visit with guided tour and Afternoon Tea

9th July    “1607: the Great Severn Estuary Flood” with Rose Hewlett

10th September  “Tapas Night”  with Andy Robertson

8th October    “Newnham – A Village that once was a Town” with Nigel Haig

12th November.       ANNUAL MEETING




The WI is for all women, offering them opportunities for friendship and for learning and working together to improve the quality of life in the community, to enable development of individual skills and talents and opportunities to join in a wide range of Wl activities.  This year the WI Movement is 104 years old.

Newnham WI which is 100 years old is part of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI), and also the Gloucestershire Federation of Women’s Institutes (GFWI). We have approximately 28 members, mostly from Newnham and the surrounding area. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.30 pm in the Armoury Hall, Dean Road, Newnham.     Newnham WI is linked with Arlingham WI and we get together at least once a year on one side or other of the Severn.

MEETINGS The main part of the evening is a talk or demonstration, preceded by some brief W.I. business. Members on a rota basis are hostesses for the evening once a year.

SUBSCRIPTION for 2019 is £42.00 of which Newnham keeps £20.50, GFWI receives £9.80 and NFWI receives £11.70. Dual members pay £20.50 to their second WI

NORTHDEAN GROUP Newnham belongs to this group which is made up of local Wls (English Bicknor, Longhope,  Lydbrook, Mitcheldean, Newnham, Ruardean, Vale of Castiard. The function of the Group is to encourage members from neighbouring Wls to get together to get to know each other and enjoy social events together.

GFWI acts as an umbrella body for all the WIs in the County Federation and has a Federation Secretary, Lindsay Gow, who works in WI House, Brunswick Square, Gloucester (01452 523966). There are several committees that arrange events and activities to cater for the needs and interests of members. These events are advertised in the monthly newsletter GLOUCESTERSHIRE NEWS.

NFWI is an even bigger umbrella for all the Wls in England and Wales and has an office at 104 New King’s Road, London, SW6 4LY (02073) 719300.  Each year an Annual General Meeting is held at which one delegate represents up to 4 Wls, the 2019 meeting will be in Bournemouth.

RESOLUTIONS on social and topical matters, submitted by individual Wls, are selected and discussed thoroughly at all levels. If carried at a general meeting they empower the WI to influence local and national policy making.

DENMAN COLLEGE is the WI’s own residential college at Marcham near Abingdon. There are courses of interest for everyone.

ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) is a world-wide organisation to which NFWI belongs. Each WI donates small amounts to ACWW which funds projects to help under privileged women in third world countries.

COUNTRY MARKETS comprise of shareholders who do not have to be WI members but can earn money from selling home produced goods at these markets our nearest are Coleford and Gloucester

WI PUBLICATIONS These are NFWI newsletter, GFWI newsletters and a monthly magazine called “WI Life”. There are many booklets published on a wide range of subjects plus an annual diary and GFWI calendar.



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