The Street Fair for this Diamond Jubilee year will become part of the general celebrations being organised by the Diamond Jubilee Committee

There will be a form of street event on Monday 4th June, between 2pm and 4:30 pm.

The Chains will be closed to traffic from 11am until 5pm.

For detail enquiries please contact Pat O’Hara






Was it an historic event?


See the pictures for yourself by clicking here.

Thank you to all who helped make it happen, and to everyone who gave donations such as GSK amd GMTF

Despite the interruption by the rain, many enjoyed seeing the excellent display put on by the History Group in the Armoury Hall

Many were able to see The Newnham Sword, thanks to Gloucester Museum and Milo Kerr

The day ended an evening of musical entertainment by Dick Brice and Cheeky Monkey at The Club.


Splendid teas were served, the paintings by the Newnham Art group were on view, many books were sold.  Punch and Judy did their annual appearance and music played all afternoon.

The village trail competition called “I spy in the garden!” started on the same day  – and ran until 6th August.

A lunch time concert was given by Lola Perrin who is both a composer and a pianist in The George.

We are still adding up all our takings and donations, and hope to announce the results very soon… a total of about £1,900.00 was taken amongst all the street stalls and events.

The stalls run by the  Street Fair committee raised about £300.00.

The committee is now looking at options for funding, which may possibly include making the blue plaques more permanent, sponsoring a Street Party for net year’s Golden Jubilee and may be an updated guide to Newnham.

The Street Fair was also granted some money by the Gloucestershire Market Towns Forum (GMTF) towards promoting Newnham’s economy, and we are looking to help increase visits from tourists by contributing towards some brown signs.


Meanwhile all helpful comments, contributions etc.. will be gratefully received.  Just email the link from our own site




Many thanks to all who took part – what a terrific day.  We hope to be able to bring you the results of all your efforts very soon.  Meanwhile don’t forget that The Summertime Trail started on the day and will continue until 7th August.


Follow this link to see some pictures of the day.

No one in the photographs has been named.

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We are always looking for requests from local groups who would like some help funding their activities.

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You should explain in your letter what your group does and how you will use the funds.

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The Street Fair Committee, c/o Mike Penny, The Old Wharf, Newnham.



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