Services at St Peter’s

Services from September to January 2019

Remaining Services for September

16th  9.15 am  Holy Communion

20th  10.15 am  Holy Communion

23rd   8.00 am Holy Communion (BCP)

11.00 am Harvest Festival followed by Bring and Share lunch

27th   10.15 am  Holy Communion

30th   No services in Newnham. Benefice Holy Communion service in Awre at 10.30 am

Services for October

4th   10.15 am  Holy Communion

7th    9.15 am  Holy Communion

7th     5.30 pm  Evensong (BCP)

11th    10.15 am  Holy Communion

14th   9.15 am  Morning Worship

18th  10.15 am  Holy Communion

21st  9.15 am  Holy Communion

25th  10.15 am  Holy Communion

28th   No services in Newnham. Benefice Patronal Holy Communion service in Blakeney at 10.00 am

Services for November

1st  10.15 am  Holy Communion

4th 9.15 am  Holy Communion

4th  5.30 pm  Evensong (BCP) All Souls Day

8th  10.15 am  Holy Communion

11th  10.30 am Remembrance Day

15th  10.15 am  Holy Communion

18th 8.00 am Holy Communion (BCP)


22nd  10.15 am  Holy Communion

25th    8.00 am Holy Communion (BCP)

25th   11.00 am Informal Worship

29th  10.15 am  Holy Communion

Services for December

2nd No morning services in Newnham. Benefice Communion service in Awre  (St Andrewstide) at 10.30 am

2nd 5.30 pm Advent Sunday service

6th  10.15 am  Holy Communion

9th  9.15 am  Holy Communion

13th 10.15 am  Holy Communion

16th 9.15 am  Holy Communion

20th 10.15 am  Holy Communion

23rd 8.00 am Holy Communion (BCP)

23rd 11.00 am Informal Worship

23rd 6.00 pm Carol Service

24th 4.00 pm Crib service

24th 11.30 pm Midnight Mass

25th 10.00 Holy Communion

30th No services in Newnham. Benefice Holy Communion service in Blakeney

Services for January 2019B

3rd  10.15 am  Holy Communion

6th  9.15 am Holy Communion

6th  5.30 pm  Evensong (BCP) for Epiphany

10th 10.15 am  Holy Communion

13th 9.15 am Morning Prayer

17th 10.15 am  Holy Communion

20th  9.15 am Holy Communion

24th  10.15 am Holy Communion

27th   8.00 am Holy Communion (BCP)

27th  11.00 am Informal Worship


Refreshments are served after all Sunday 9.15 am and Thursday 10.15 am services and at 10.30 am before 11.00 am services. Where there is a Benefice service, refreshments are served after the service.

St Peter’s School Worship

St Peter’s School holds a short worship service at 9.00 am every morning at school. On the last Thursday in the month at 8.45 am the school holds its own service at St Peter’s Church. Everyone is very welcome to come and join the children and staff for these services.

Please visit  News from St. Peter’s Church for information on other church activities.

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