Roles Responsibilities

Information available for Public Inspection


Document The Clerk Web Site Notice boards Library  Availability
Meeting Agendas X X X   Posted min 3 days prior to meeting
Meeting Minutes X X X X One week after Mtg as draft
Procedures X        
Standing Orders X        
Financial Regulations X        
Monthly Financial Statements X X X   After approval at Full Council
Annual Budget X       After approval at Full Council
Budget performance tracker         After review at Full Council
Burial Board rules and forms X X      
Councillor contact details X X X    
Asset Register X       After approval at Full Council
Internal & External Audit reports X       After review at Full Council


Additional Councillor Responsibilities


Finance Committee

Cllrs Bihlmeier, Firman, Kenny, Larkham & Walker


Burials Sub Committee

Cllrs Anderson & Firman


Planning Sub committee (Ad hoc meetings if required)

Cllrs Bihlmeier, Kenny & Walker



Cllrs Firman, Larkham, Mann & Murray


Representatives to external Bodies.


Allotment Association

Cllr Larkham


Health Forum

Cllr Larkham


A48 Committee

Cllr Firman