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Old News below – some may still be useful


The free TV licence is not given out automatically so you need to apply for it when you are 75 and provide the following information: your date of birth, National Insurance number (or a photocopy of your passport, driving licence or birth certificate), name, address, and postcode and your current TV license number.


Some of you may have already noticed that FoDDC have changed the wording on their forms for people applying for assisted refuse bin collection. It now says that Village Agents, amongst others, can sign off these forms, so no need to get GPs etc. to do it.


Furniture Recycling Project’s Riser & Recliner Loan Service is a convenient cost effective solution for people who are: recovering from medical treatment, receiving palliative care, have disabilities and mobility problems. They work with your occupational therapist and offer a personal service to find the right chair for you from the range of styles and sizes. Before being delivered to you, all chairs are electrically safety tested and professionally cleaned.

FRP is the trading name for the Furniture Recycling Project Registered Charity No. 1057619 Company limited by guarantee No. 3236897

Registered disabled may be exempt from VAT

FFI Email: Tel: 01452 524333 Visit:


The session is specifically for unpaid carers who work and is taking place at Carers Gloucestershire, Messenger House in Gloucester on Wednesday 10th May 2017 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. The 2 hour session pulls together content from the 6 sessions of the full Positive Caring Programme (each of which focuses on a different aspect of being a carer) and carers will be given a full set of resource books (usually given out over the 6 sessions) to take away. The session is free, friendly and informal giving information and support to carers.  The sessions are an opportunity for carers to share and receive information and experiences and they focus very much on helping them to find practical solutions. FFI and to book contact Sarah Everitt Tel: 01452 500885

Carers Gloucestershire Switchboard: 01452 386283          Mobile: 07920 576294 Visit:



Crimestoppers is an independent charity helping to fight crime in the UK via our 0800 555 111 telephone number and online form at both of which allow people to give information about crime and criminal activities anonymously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t ask for names or addresses. Calls are not traced or recorded and those who give information will not be asked for a statement or to give evidence in court.

is the highest award given to local volunteer groups across the UK to recognise outstanding work done in their own communities. It is the MBE for volunteer groups. Any group doing volunteer work that provides a social, economic or environmental service to the local community can be nominated for the award. Each group is assessed on the benefit it brings to the local community and its standing within that community. You must nominate a group for the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service online. Visit Nominees are considered for an award the year after they’re nominated. Submit your nomination by midnight on 16th September 2016 to make sure your group is considered for the 2017 awards. You must be independent of the group you’re nominating. Read the guidance notes before making your nomination.

is the talking newspaper service for people in the Forest with sight problems. Forest Talk needs a volunteer to support the sound engineer by looking after equipment maintenance and sorting out the occasional technical issue. The studio is in Coleford. The volunteer must also be able to keep the website up to date. FFI contact the Forest Voluntary Action Forum. Tel: 01594 822073 or email

Following on from the Hospital Discharge Report, Healthwatch would like to know what sort of experiences you have had: What happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? Who was involved? How it was for you and your family? What could be improved?
They are also particularly interested to find out about people who:
left hospital without appropriate care and support being put in place at home; were discharged before they felt ready, and were maybe readmitted soon afterwards;
felt there was a lack of communication with their families, carers or other health or social care professionals (GPs, for instance); were discharged home too late in the evening or at night, or were still in their night clothes; lost hearing aids, spectacles or dentures; transferred between acute and community hospital or between hospitals and nursing/care homes.
However, Healthwatch also wants to hear good news and stories of positive discharge experiences as well. If you have any feedback, please contact the team on 0800 6525193 or email:


“Making Your Home Dementia Friendly” is the title of the latest booklet from The Alzheimer’s Society. The booklet offers practical ways to create a home environment that does not become confusing or restrictive for someone with dementia. It is divided into sections, each of which covers a different topic such as lighting, flooring, furnishings, external space and so on.



Walking football is mainly targeted at those 50 years and older. The rules are almost identical to 5-a-side football except you are not allowed to run – one foot must be planted on the ground at all times. Katie Lake, who is responsible for GRCC’s In Touch projects, has been in contact with Gloucestershire Football Association regarding walking football sessions in the Forest. Taster sessions would be free but after that a small charge would be levied to cover the cost of the facility. The session leaders are generally volunteers (and frequently players) who set a game going. If you are interested in being a player and/or a leader please phone Katie on 01452 528 491 or email (that’s Katie L not Katie one) or give your name & phone number to your Village Agent.


HWG is launching a new leaflet aimed at the farming community to support them in finding out information about health and social care services.  The leaflet is called ‘What About You?’ and has been produced in partnership with national and local farming organisations, the 2gether Trust who provide social and mental health care services and the Samaritans.  If you would like copies of the leaflet, please contact Healthwatch on 01452 504989 or email:

The Samaritans have a new number which is free from both landline and mobile phones: 116 123. This number will not appear on your phone bill.

for people who are registered blind.  By simply dialling 195 you can register for this service.  When registered you are allocated a card and pin number. When you need a telephone number you quote your pin number and they can tell you the number for free. They can also help to dial a number for you if necessary.

COMPUTER TUITION FOR CARERS  Carers over the age of 50 living in Gloucestershire can now benefit from 8 hours of free one to one computer tuition in their own home or in a group setting, as part of a scheme set up by Gloucestershire Rural Community Council [GRCC].  The ‘Connecting Carers’ scheme which operates countywide, is also looking for people with computer experience who have a few hours to spare and would like to help with this one to one or group support. There are an estimated 63,000 carers in Gloucestershire and many have little time for themselves. In some cases, they can feel isolated and socially excluded also. With the help of schemes like ‘Connecting Carers’, they will be able to access support, information and services from the comfort of their own homes, which may help to make them feel more connected, supported and in control. If you would like more information about ‘Connecting Carers’, either to volunteer to provide training or to book a place on the scheme, call Matthew Keighley at GRCC on 01452 528491.

Small Sparks has funds available. The grants are available for groups of at least four people. Activities can range from Knitting Clubs to Lunch Clubs. For example, Mitcheldean Lunch Club received a grant for new aprons for the helpers. What does your group need?

We all know about putting all your paperwork in order to plan for later life eg Living Will, Lifebook etc…..but what about doing the same for any ‘on line’ accounts etc?

was formerly known as The Widows Pension and may be paid if you’re widowed between 45 and State Pension age. You can get it for up to 52 weeks from the date your husband, wife or civil partner died. The amount you get depends on the overall level of your husband, wife or civil partner’s National Insurance contributions; your age at the time of their death. Eligibility for the Bereavement Benefit can be found under Eligibility

The latest version the bulletin is available on the Gloucestershire VCS Alliance website at The Gloucestershire VCS Alliance is an independent voice for the voluntary and community sector in Gloucestershire.  To find more about what we do, please visit  If you would like to receive the e-bulletin with the latest VCS news and events, please email


Was a 100 YEARS OLD Gloucestershire Rural Community Council on Friday 3rd May, 2023. It was established for ‘the purpose of encouraging and fostering village activities and of bringing such activities into touch with each other and with central organisations. Its primary aim is the development of educational and social life in a village , but it may foster any activities that make for the happiness or elevation of a community, provided they are non-political and non-sectarian in character.’ To see what GRCC can do for your village today, visit


If you need medical help fast but it isn’t a 999 emergency, you can call NHS 111.  NHS 111 will assess you, provide advice and direct you straight away to the local service that can help you best. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Calls are free, including from mobiles. FFI


In the last couple of weeks, The Silver Line has been launched. Founded by Esther Rantzen, it is a confidential, free helpline for older people, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The idea is to help combat loneliness among older people – more than half of all over 75s live alone and one in ten suffers intense loneliness but is reluctant to ask for help. The staff in the call centre offer information, friendship and advice to callers, and offer to link callers to local groups and services. They can also offer regular befriending calls through Silver Line Friends or group calls on subjects that interest the caller through Silver Circles. The call centre staff are also trained to protect and support those suffering abuse and neglect. FFI Tel: 0800 4 70 80 90 or visit



Some elderly people are struggling to keep warm, with many choosing between eating and heating. Winter can be a long, cold and miserable season. If you don’t really need your winter fuel payment, please donate it to AgeUK Surviving Winter appeal.  Are you an older person living in fuel poverty and need additional support to heat your home and eat properly in the cold weather? A Surviving Winter grant may help. You must live in Gloucestershire to apply. A grant of £125 could assist you with: paying your fuel bill; purchasing oil; purchasing an oil heater; purchase of coal; topping up your electricity; purchasing a pair of warm slippers and a blanket.  Depending on your circumstances you may be able to apply for additional support and we may also consider applications from other individuals in need who are disabled or suffering extreme hardship.If you would like to make an application please contact: Age UK Gloucestershire, Station Road, Gloucester (01452 422660) or

Gloucester and District CAB, 81 Eastgate Street, Gloucester (01452 527202)



Level Playing Field and is a registered charity in England and Wales. LPF acts as a campaigning and advisory organisation to its membership and other parties across all sports. However you will also find information on disabled fans facilities at clubs and stadia, along with useful football, disability and access reports, guides, good practice documents and general disabled supporter information. You’ll also find the latest news items and a back catalogue of the Level Playing Field e-newsletters and you can sign up to receive regular copies. Their web site is at:



This service is provided by Arriva for people travelling to and from an appointment at a hospital or clinic, who are discharged from hospital or need to transfer between centres, and who, because of their medical condition cannot make their own way.  Eligibility criteria is based on whether the patient’s medical condition prevents them travelling by any other means. Patient may book their own transport, or it may be done by the hospital or clinic.  The contact number is 0845 600 6068.  Patients will need to have the following information to hand: date of birth; NHS number; full address and postal code; mobility needs, eg is the patient in a wheelchair Arriva’s staff will collect patients from home and stay with them until they reach their unit or clinic, or are safely indoors at home.  Only parents/carers of children under 16 and carers of patients assessed as vulnerable can accompany patients on their journey. If you escort the patient as the carer, relative or friend to a medical centre / hospital; it is not the case that you as the escort will be returned home by Arriva.  If the patient is likely to be kept in the medical centre, make sure to ask about your return journey when you book.  You may have to make your own way home.  There have been cases of people being stranded and having to pay for a cab or ask people to come and collect them.



Gloucestershire Village and Community Agents: Managed by GRCC and joint funded by Gloucestershire County Council and NHS Gloucestershire. Contact GRCC on 01452 528491

This information was provided to us by Helen Roberts our former Village Agent

As the Village and Community Agent Scheme has now closed down countywide.