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Newnham News in the Papers 1840-1890

Compiled by the late Anne Lloyd, one of our founder members, these extracts from the Gloucester Journal, with suitable commentary from Anne, provide a fascinating insight into everyday life in Newnham during the great majority of Queen Victoria’s long reign.

Produced originally in two parts in 1996 and 1997, the publications were combined in the year 2000 in a millennium issue.  In 2013 Newnham History Group reprinted it with a new introduction but without making any changes to the original text.

Snippet from 1857                                                                                                                                        The new organ purchased by the parishioners was installed in the Parish Church; the instrument was built by Mr Nicholson of Worcester and a new organist was appointed. This was Mr Dauncey from Stonehouse who may well have used the ferry to shorten his weekly journey, perhaps bringing his horse over in the boat which was common practice.

And one from 1884                                                                                                                                    Human remains were discovered in the garden at Riverdale by Mr Crawshay’s workman.  The remains were described as ‘several skeletons of giant sized proportions, each with a kind of plug nail in the skull’. It was concluded that these were most likely the remains of soldiers killed in the Civil War battle which took place in the churchyard. (All pikemen at this period had to be 6 foot tall or more).


Copies, priced at £4.00, are available from Newnham Post Office. The booklets may also be borrowed from Newnham Community Library.

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