The Armoury -The future

The Armoury Village Hall into The future

The thinking; 

In keeping with village halls up and down the country The Armoury Village Hall, a registered charity, faces many challenges, particularly its need for renovation but also in adapting to the modern age. The Charity Commission recognises this.

Charity Commission Guidelines;

 “A hall that has not been modernised can find that its usability is restricted. Trustees of village halls that have been rebuilt or refurbished report that use of the hall, and consequently the charity’s income, have increased.” 

“Village hall charities in particular are faced with the need to adapt their services and their property. There is evidence of a move away from the traditional village hall concept to a community based ethos of charities combining to provide a broader service; a kind of ‘community hub’.”

The Armoury committee, elected by Newnham residents, is authorised by the Armoury conveyance and constitution of 15th June 1965 to apply for necessary grants and renovate the hall as follows: ‘The Committee may from time to time by mortgage or otherwise obtain such advances on the security of the Trust Property or any part thereof as may be required for maintaining, extending or improving the same or any part thereof’.

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The Action, Plan and the timing 

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